Industrial excellence

MAVI is a company from Reghin which specialises in diesel engines for industrial use, spare parts and car service, having a long tradition and being the market leader in this field. The initial request was to redraw the visual identity but eventually, the project turned into a complete change of all the communication materials, the indoor and outdoor signage, the way the showroom standards were presented and in general the overall image of the company.

A Branzas team was initially appointed to examine and recommend to MAVI’s management team the possible directions for modernizing the visual identity but it became quite clear from the first discussions that a general redesign of all the brand’s manifestations is needed. In the end, it all started with the company’s business strategy and development plans, transposed into the brand strategy.

For us, this project was a touchstone because the industrial field is not a field that can offer a lot of creative solutions. However, MAVI eventually became one of our favourite projects that we worked on with a lot of involvement and pleasure.

MAVI is the company that owns IRUM, the only manufacturer of agricultural and forestry tractors in the country.

Visual identity, applications, signage, interior design, communication materials, identity standards

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