Gets the job done

IRUM, part of the MAVI group  is a unique company and brand in Romania. They are the only producers of TAFs, articulated forestry tractors, and for the past several years they have become the only local producer of agricultural tractors. The company produces machinery, in general, for the Romanian market but it has a growing level of export orders. The family that founded this group took over a former factory from Reghin many years ago and put it back on the industrial map of the country and Europe, investing in people, modernization and refurbishment.

For IRUM we have drawn a visual identity centred around a horse, a perfect symbol for reliable and faithful machines that do not leave you in the lurch. Since ancient times, people have relied on their faithful and helpful friend, the horse, for the hardest agricultural or forestry work. So, gets the job done, the essence of the brand and their slogan at the same time, has become a natural choice to describe in a single phrase the brand and the company.

The IRUM project was unique for the industrial companies market in Romania that generally did not create a concrete, coherent and homogeneous image. From this point of view, the owners of the company are also pioneers in this field.

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