A long journey. Together.
Since 1994.

A long journey. Together.
Since 1994.


We are Branzas, the first independent branding and design agency in Romania, founded in 1994, which specialises in rebranding and in creating and launching brands. We solve your business problems through design. Our role is to create, plan and manage branding strategies, while also offering our clients guidance in regards to their publicity campaigns or other forms of advertising.

And now a few theoretical aspects. Branding is the process of developing a company’s brand, product or service, as well as its name, identity system or communication platform. These will lead to the development of a “brand message”, which will be later used in marketing campaigns. For the client, a brand represents a promise, reflecting the expectations that they might have concerning the products and services offered, as well as an opportunity to differentiate between competitors on the market.

A branding agency allows organisations to gain a competitive advantage, to define a coherent brand communication strategy, to reach the target market and to expand it. So far, we had the opportunity to develop projects for all organisational sectors: private or public companies, non-profit organisations or Government institutions, from almost all economic fields. Most of the time, these organisations hired us to help them with their analysis, strategy and brand identity.

A bit more personal

After the integration of branding in the synergies of companies, the direct result was a growing responsibility of branding professionals – and implicitly of designers, since they are at the forefront of branding – to take into account all aspects that could lead to the success of a product or service. The offer and market diversification consequently led to the increased responsibility of our profession in relation to the evaluation, analysis and the strategies developed with our clients, with specialists in market research and sales, with commercial or financial analysts, with media, legislation or copyright professionals, all working on the same team.

In the current economic situation, brands are economic tools that generate value and growth. Branzas works in partnership with clients who are aware of the economic and transformative impact of brands. Your brand might make all the difference between your product being a success or a failure.

People sometimes say we have a certain attitude. We call it having principles. Others think of us as professionals. We take all of this as a compliment, as we like to guide ourselves after certain rules when it comes to our work.

1. Partnerships bring the best results.
We are not service providers.

2. We work for your clients.
What you like may have nothing to do with what excites your client.

3. Feedback is important.
We can only build something durable if you interact with us.

4. Trust is essential.
You hired us because you trust us to do something that you cannot.

5. We are not magicians, so we don’t know all the answers.
We could increase the chance of answering most of your questions if only you allowed us to explore them.

6. Not everything that is free is also valuable.
That is why we stopped participating in design competitions and agency selections for free.

7. We offer you our expertise of over 29 years.
This has a cost. Just like you, we have a budget, costs and things we want to invest in. Yet, what we can offer you for free is an analysis of your briefing and a preliminary strategic opinion.

8. For a successful result, we always follow three steps:  analysis, strategy, design.


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