The experience of generations

Dr. Horațiu Rotar, one of the most well-known professionals in dental medicine, very much wanted a symbol, a monogram, which would modernize his plans and the vision of a family of professionals and teachers with a tradition in dental medicine from Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania.

The sign drawn by the Branzas team represents the birth and growth of an early seed of vigorous branches, producing other original seeds from which the following generations grow.

The Rotar Clinic is a team of specialist doctors in various branches of dentistry whose common goal is to ensure quality treatments of different complexity, robust in the long term. The team shares the philosophy of their predecessors regarding the medical value of dentistry as an integral part of human well-being.

The dental clinic “Rotar” represents the third generation in the series of private dental institutions developed in Cluj-Napoca. The professional team led by Prof. Dr. Horațiu Rotar and Dr. Diana Rotar offers personalized dental services with stable long-term results, whose goal is a high quality of life.

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