Disrupting everything, now ?

“Disruptive in business: Relating to or noting a new product, service, or idea that radically changes an industry or business strategy, especially by creating anew market and disrupting an existing one.”

Well, everybody talks about disrupting, being disruptive, disruptive thinking and so on. That’s a whole new fashionable trend in business language I’m afraid, not in behavior in most cases. Like the French say: formes sans fond.

But what about: improving, creating, changing, researching, studying, documenting, adapting, fine tuning ? Nope, because that’s the hard way. Disrupting is much more easier to talk about and is the easiest way to get the chance to make a loud voice in the age of information clutter. Add “disruptive” to your title or just put “disrupt” in a headline and maybe you’ll get some visibility.

I am a design and branding professional since 1995 but I never saw a brand to disrupt because that is simply impossible. Products or services may do this. Brands are born in people hearts and guts and that is a long-term effort that brands must do to become. Disrupting it is not the way to behave for brands, they need nurturing, investment and patience, same as for people to grow. Some psychologists may say that a disruptive person is a troubled one. As brand caretaker I confess: I cannot make a disruptive brand. Father, please forgive me!