Designers are not complaining.

Horeca is closing again due to rising incidence of COVID 19 and everybody in the industry (incl. in Romania) is complaining. They are out of business, they need help from the state, they need the salaries to be paid with the help of EU, the state, EU, US, OMS or whatever. They go to strike the Parliament, the President, they are lobbying, they want to go to trial in court.

I never heard a designer complaining, threatening the authorities or soliciting help. I think that, at least, complaining is a sign of weakness. Or selfishness.

I really don’t want to get into a discussion about the opportunity and the health benefits of shutting down horeca. It is what it is. As well I don’t want to get into a discussion about the downsizing of designers’ business due to pandemics, including here the shutdown of horeca businesses because they are a part of our clients. All I want is to signal is the double-measure thinking that swallows the public discourse and attitude of a rising number of people. I do recommend reading some stoic philosophy from Epictetus or Marc Aurelius. It will help a lot.

And I want to close this by saying that I (as a designer) and my company don’t want any help. We adapt, we find solutions, we work, we serve the best we can the interest of our clients.

The show must go on.