Goodwill, colour, youth, a city in celebration

Cluj-Napoca’s town hall has entrusted us with the project of creating the identity and the concept of Cluj-Napoca’s City Celebration since its first edition. We immediately opted for a very lively, colourful, youthful graphic formula, with large areas of pure colour and stylized images in black and white, outlining an identity system that can be used for future editions.

It’s true, we also used some a wordplay*, using this occasion to urge people to tell others about Cluj-Napoca and its beautiful areas and interesting spots. This concept has been replicated in all shapes and sizes across the city, on street signs, urban transport vehicles, huge meshes present on the main emblematic buildings, in the areas with the highest traffic, on street-lighting poles or in the backgrounds of the stages on which different concerts took place.

*The event name “Zi-le de Cluj” represents a wordplay, zile meaning ”days” and zi-le meaning ”tell them”. The event was meant to celebrate the city of Cluj-Napoca, while also making it more popular to the general public.

Our strategy was to put a piece of colour in each place where something would take place – so that no selfie, photo or video taken during this event would appear on social networks (or in the traditional media) without the colours and signs of the festivity.

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