Write an article. Why? I’m a designer.

I’m a designer but I got used to writing. For designers, it’s the uncured (yet) disease of the century. Everybody writes an article, everybody wants to get attention, traction, whatever. For a designer writing an article is like focusing simultaneously in three directions and designing five logos for five clients. Multitasking was proven to be not productive. Writing is not our first nature and instinct, designing is. Thinking. Visuals. Processes. Additionally, most of us are pathological introverts happy to stay in their nests and draw, explore ideas, combine them, destroy them, revive and reshape some of them and so on. We’re comfortable with our talent and job, we don’t need another one, because writing articles is another specialized job if you want to do it right like we do our regular one.

Most of all, us designers are very good social observers, that’s an important part of our job. This is why some of us evolve from designers to consultants, this is why design thinking is so much appreciated.
Anyway, there are very few of us who want and can write a bloody good article. So am I. I just dare to write about whatever great or sloppy idea comes into my brain. So I will continue to write and encourage my fellow designers to do the same. It is not our true nature but unleashing our thoughts through words seems to me to be a quite good exercise.

Was this article helpful? I’m sure it wasn’t, or at least for a good part of the audience. I am 100% percent sure that tomorrow I will not get a ton of business requests but that’s not my scope of writing here. Mostly, it is about others getting to know me and learn how I see things because that’s reflecting in my way of thinking. There is a chemistry that should be in every relationship even in business so getting to know each other is important.