We Want a Designer. Only One.

The “job description” of our future colleague should sound something like this:

Cool portfolio, with works in identity, packaging and communication. I mean, for him to have some experience.

Creative. Analytical. To know how to deal with contradictory discussions and criticism. To have arguments. Efficient.

Clever and prolific in everything that a PC entails.

To know what Pantone and other such insignificant DTP details mean.

Full time job.

A deadline is a deadline. We laugh, we make jokes, but, first and foremost, we work.

To have a desire for work, exploration and fun.

To be one of those people who do things, not one of those who explain why they can’t do them (I roughly quoted Adi Hădean).

We want to see self-presentations, banters and other formulas of presenting himself and his work in pdf format, up to 10Mb, no matter how many pages. Send them at office@branzas.ro until the 15th of November 2012.

N.B. Our policy stipulates, among other things: no pets at the office, smoking allowed only in specially designated places, we do not hire our relatives, lovers or mistresses, such connections do not work, we start work daily at 9am, you can eat as much cheesecake as you want (sometimes on the house, we have a favourite supplier), coffee is included in the bonus and so on.