We are looking for a writer

As it is well written in the title, we are looking for at least one more collaborator, a writer. Not a copywriter. We are not looking for a copywriter or a slogan writer. We are looking for somebody who writes articles and analysis, case studies or editorials – shortly, someone who writes content. We are expecting to receive a message from you on the agency’s email address or on my personal one, with examples of articles from the business, marketing or social field.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the applications. We are going to keep the position open until March 15th.

Some additional information about the nature of the collaboration:
1. We are looking for external collaborators, it is not a full-time job. Not yet at least.

2. The articles, analysis, case studies or editorials need to be written in regard to companies, products and services, news, comparative analysis, case studies focused on benefits, detailed explanations about those companies / products / services, corporate profiles and so on. It is about real content that requires information and documentation and a natural way of writing. We also want a little “touch of flavour” that will make our readers appreciate both the content and the writing, and which will make them enjoy reading and wanting more.

3. The companies/products/services you will write about are not in the “sensitive”, radioactive, explosive or genetically modified category!!