“Wait a Sec Until I Take It Out” – Transylvanian Bluesc



Last night we saw a wonderful concert – Nightlosers (I bet they are used to staying up late). They also turned 20 this year and celebrated the event with a big day concert at the Radio Hall in Cluj. All peoples of Transylvania were present on stage: Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Roma, and the music was just like it always is – the blues we all know so well. They made jokes, they sang, they had a good time; and we, the public, also did. Aladar “Cimbaloman” Pusztai playing the cimbalom, Nucu playing the leaf, Elvis Romales from Șomcuta Mare and Juja from Gilău were also with them on stage. It was magnificent.

Nucu, the man playing the leaf, was absolutely memorable, saying at one point, when the band had already started playing, that he didn’t have his leaf ready: “Wait a sec, I’m just going to take it out of my pocket”. Such a Transylvanian thing to do. :))

Happy birthday, Nightlosers!