The pilgrimage trail that passes through Romania

It goes without saying that Via Transilvanica is one of the most far-reaching Romanian projects built by an NGO which works predominantly with volunteers. It has brought mass-media attention, help from authorities and the financial and logistical contribution of important, national companies, as well as thousands of individual contributions, from Romania and other countries.

We have been attracted to the project’s uniqueness from the beginning as we have been part of its birth and naturally, we have later created the identity of the project, the communication strategy of the online and offline materials.

Each milestone, which is distributed from Putna to Drobeta-Turnu Severin, has the orange sign of the ”road”- as the team’s members and the volunteers dearly call it. There are still lots of things to do, that is why the Branzas team urges each of you to take part in this story in order to successfully complete it.

The similarity with the Camino de Santiago trail that crosses Spain is by no means coincidental. Via Transilica will put Romania on the map of Europe’s active tourism, being the best facilitator for deeply and directly getting to know our country, from north to south. Camino de Santiago is home annually to hundreds of thousands of travellers crossing Spain. Via Transilica already receives travellers who are impatiently waiting for the trail’s completion and who are courageously stepping on the roads and paths of the country using the provided maps and guides.

Visual identity, applications, signage, communication strategy

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