U(ser) (e)X(perience).

The creative aka designer’s mind is working just the same regardless of what he/she is doing: packaging, corporate identity, UX/UI, whatever. The contemporary creative aka designer has to be a problem-solver. Technicalities have to be solved, deadlines to be met, graphic design has to be created and applied to a pack or on a user interface, etc. A package is a tridimensional piece of design and a UI is bi-dimensional. A package has to be created taking into account dimensions, materials, complex production, storage, transportation and shelf exposure – in fact, a very complex U(ser) (e)X(perience). A corporate identity system is about just the same, possibly even more complex than packaging sometimes if we take into account the multiple layers of U(ser) (e)X(perience) it has to employ across various channels and touchpoints.

So, regardless of what he is creating/solving, the creative mind is working just the same. Regardless of the medium the creative has to create and solve functional and plausible U(ser) (e)X(periences). Working titles. Nice stories. Compelling graphics. Feasible technical solutions adapted to the message(s) wanted to be conveyed. And so on. And I must say that again: regardless of what he/she is creating. Then I really do not understand why clients/agencies make such a big fuss about this so-called digital experience, or digital literacy, or even more digital studies (bachelors and/or master degree).

A good creator aka designer is, first of all, a creative mind. An experienced creator aka designer is perfectly capable to understand, create and solve tridimensional packaging projects or bi-dimensional digital-only experiences. Period.

Think about this: how complex is a real life packaging design vs a screen-only user interface? I don’t know but both have one thing in common: a story has to be created. That is all about.