The beer king in Romania

From 1995 we were the agency that developed the beer brand, Ursus, in all its forms, until 2006. We started by winning the pitch for the new packaging to the detriment of a German agency. Ursus’ team was very ambitious and undertook 100% of all the necessary efforts in order to achieve the marketing positioning that they wished to have – that of being the most enjoyed beer brand in Romania.

Without an ounce of modesty, we can affirm that a great part of Ursus’ success is due to our team that has acted for over 10 years as an internal design and branding department for Ursus Breweries. It is also difficult for us to think about something that we did not do for this brand in those years. All the branding and the design projects have gone through the filter and expertise of Branzas designers and consultants, from the most insignificant beer bottle opener, bar dispensers, to extensive packaging studies, launching new assortments on the market or communication campaigns.

Even today we sometimes shudder with joy when we see the shelves and refrigerators full of Ursus beer bottles and when we acknowledge the fact that the audience still enjoys this brand after all these years!

Brand concept, packaging, applications, object design, interior and exterior design, identity standards

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