Modernisation of Ursus specialities – a design study.

Ursus is probably the iconic Romanian beer brand, the king of beer in Romania, and we’re not just saying that because we helped launch and stabilise the brand for ten years. Ursus has a well-established place in the panopticon of brands close to Romanians’ hearts – unfortunately, a relatively short list. Another project we developed years ago was the visual identity of Ursus Breweries, the brand’s parent company.

During 2022 the Branzas senior design team put a substantial effort into understanding and translating the new modernisation requirements for the Ursus speciality portfolio into packaging. The main brief conditions were:

    • Retaining the graphic elements and structure that define and characterise the brand,
    • the accentuated chromatic differentiation between specialities,
    • the result to be fresh, modernised, but simultaneously serious, as Ursus has always been.

Our study resulted in several options, some quite close to Ursus Premium, our benchmark, and others in a more light and creative interpretation. So we tried to give the marketing teams at Ursus Breweries a relatively wide range of options, in line with the brief we received.

Unimplemented project
Packaging, label design.

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