Top 10 Causes for the Decline or the Death of a Brand

There is no specific order or priority in classifying these causes, but in my experience none of these manifest only by themselves, usually there are more of them that come “as a package”. Of course, there are other causes as well, but the ones below are the main ones.

Inertia – let it be, it will work out, we’re at the top after all, 5 years ago we were performers, why should we bother in vain, why bother constantly?

– we are at the top, we are good, no one can touch us.

Lack of market data
– we know it very well after all.

– no one can be better than us.

Neglecting negative feedback
– well, they are dissatisfied, but there will always be people who have something negative to say.

Client service deficitar
– ultimately, our consumers are ours, why bother with them so much if they still bought from us?

Zero stock
– we sell everything, we never have anything in stock, it’s very good that way.

Packaging doesn’t matter that much
– we are all over the shelves anyway, why should we improve anything?

Excessive emphasis on the sales department
– they are the only ones who make big money in the company. The rest are just for, like, support.

Not relying on marketing enough
– let them manage translation, let them take care of exhibitions and other such things, my assistant is very busy.