There Is Another Way

In order to move directly to the subject, object, and actions – you know what they say about talking too much – each of us should realise that there is another way of doing things. And it’s not hard to realise that at all. It costs you a day to do this, after that you will see if you want to spend another day, and then another and so on. I invite you to participate in an afforestation action organised by Tășuleasa Social with your children. And I am convinced that you will find out very quickly that instead of spending your time and energy and getting angry on new political movements, elections of any party, virulent TV talk shows and sterile discussions, you could breathe fresh air and participate yourselves in this project, together with your own children, in order to accomplish something real. A forest planted today will be grand and beautiful only in at least 40 years, and will be good for cutting down in another 40. For some it can be demotivating to look at the time and wait for their work, or yours (if you want to participate), to become reality. But it is worth seeing how those children learn to work together, to help each other out and, most importantly, they will do something by themselves, using their own strength to leave something 100% real behind: an absolutely selfless act from which we and future generations will all benefit. And it is not just children who can volunteer for such a cause. Anyone with a clear head and a good upbringing can hold a shovel in their hand, plant a few seedlings or donate a total of 15 Romanian lei per month so that these young people can be educated through this example.

I believe that the real, actual, tangible change will be made by these children through what they learn there together and through what they will teach others in their turn.