The Worst Branding Advice – Which You Definitely Hear All the Time

“Communicate. Put money into advertising. Saturate the media with your PR. You can’t not be online. Put up banners. Organise press conferences. Make a Facebook page and get to 50,000 likes. Invest in CSR. Today, tomorrow, all year round. Campaign, be present, go to networking sessions, be seen, etc.”


Brands speak, just like people do. Talking and communicating can forge the premises of a relationship, but that is not mandatory. When a person is bothering you with a void of messages, words, stories, gossip and masquerade, you usually step aside, it’s an absolutely natural reaction. You begin to wonder, “What is it about my soul that they want so badly to enter it? They call me when I am at the office, they take me out to lunch, they want to give me a drink in the evening, they serve me an afternoon coffee, every day, and during all this time they exasperate me with random stories. And this is how, as it happens between two normal and civilised people, you reach relationship level, a step that is always based on a mutual understanding of each other’s needs. There’s no big secret here. The secret is how to get to that relationship, how to build it and how to make it remain solid and relevant over time.

The buzz doesn’t matter.