When art merges with religion

This project is a very special and unusual one for us, or for a branding and design agency in general. Transilvania Leaders Foundation asked us to find an elegant solution to mark the sanctification and official opening of a new church, located in Cluj-Napoca on Bulevardul Eroilor no. 18a.

Even if for the hurried passer-by it can go unnoticed – the exterior architecture being discreet and framed among other buildings – once you step inside, a real work of art is revealed. The entire interior decoration was realized in a unique and completely unusual way, made entirely out of mosaic pieces, using various precious materials as well as stone. The chromatic richness is revealed to the visitor in a pleasant and warm light together with religious representations, painted in a modern way, which are stylized reinterpretations of other old church paintings from the XIVth-XVth century. These decorations are even more special as they were realised by Italian craftsmen from the Vatican, who worked arduously for several years.

Our work was facilitated by the multitude of details, textures, materials and colours. We believe that both the general pictures and the detailed images used in the monograph created by us speak for themselves. Once completed, the monograph was transposed into an abridged version in a small brochure and a set of postcards for tourists and visitors.


The drawings and letters of the alphabet used were entirely drawn by us, being created especially for this project, of course, inspired by old church inscriptions.

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