The Red Spaniards

Ever since I travelled to Spain in 2011, I found that you can (almost) never go wrong when buying a Spanish red wine. In the month when I travelled all over Spain by foot, I set a target for myself: to buy a different bottle of red wine every day with a maximum budget of 2-3 euros. And I can say that this has always been a good idea, all the wines were good or at least decent. Subsequently, I did the same thing in Romania. Recently, I bought a whole collection of Spanish and Portuguese red wines from Lidl – yes, don’t judge, you heard it right – and I took my time to taste test them in the last month and a half. And I can once again say it was a good idea. Some are alright, some are actually pretty good and the rest are at least decent. Completely obscure, underrated, but at a very modest price. Wines that are good to drink at an evening meal, when everyone tells nice stories. Only one out of the line-up in the photo below was rougher and more acidic, that “Joven” from the Rioja region from 2013, but it’s understandable, it’s a young wine. I confess, I was a little reluctant to buy wines from Lidl, but if I did this in all the supermarkets during my Spanish adventure, so why not do it in Lidl in Romania!? Well, prejudices. 🙂 Of course, we’re not talking about great wines from memorable harvests and important vineyards. These are drinking wines, typical wines, completely normal, natural, some even really tasty, at convenient prices.

Of course, they go well with pasta and I would trust this recipe by Adi Hadean is amazing.