The podcast is fresh off the mics.

The podcast is fresh off the mics.

I apologize in advance to our English-speaking readers; the podcast is only in Romanian.

We had the great pleasure of chatting freely – as we both like to – with Alexandra Crăciun about branding, design, the past and future of this specialization, nature, my PhD thesis on Romania’s country and tourism brand, lessons from life, my past and present as a designer and brand creator, and more.

I like Alexandra’s format because it stimulates you to speak freely in a dialogue with few questions but leaves room for multiple answers, simplicity, detail, and naturalness. That is precisely how I like to dialogue with people, whether they are close people, friends, or clients.

Alexandra titled this dialogue of ours “On simplicity and clarity in branding and in life,” a title as fitting as possible to the content, her way of being, and mine.

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