The New Branzas Website – Our Gates are Wide Open

Our new website is “up”, at the same address as before, it was developed by The Adgency they did a very good job, for which we thank the team led by Richard Nita. My personal thanks are also addressed to Iuliu Duma – Senior Designer who worked together with Katia Macovei – Junior Designer, together with the implementation team.

The concept and design belong to the Branzas team, and the implementation and technical know-how plus many good tips are the merit of The Agency.

What our visitors will experience from now on will be a simple one-page website where images, messages or even movies will always change depending on our events, project days, achievements or news. Our new website will permanently display 5 links only: our Facebook page for the latest news, Twitter, our “library” of documents on Issuu, contact details and my blog, which is only partially mine, often reflecting the agency’s projects or opinions.

We chose this public presentation solution because we believe that in this way, we can offer those who visit us a complete experience of what Branzas means. It is as if we open the doors of our “home” wide, inviting anyone who wants to enter the kitchen, library, living room or even the storage room with memories, for study, reading, access to resources, documents, opinions, thoughts, news and, in general, to see what all aspects and nuances what our experience, opinions and work (past, present and future) mean.
Our concept started from the idea of ​​sharing our experiences and the know-how gathered over 19 years, thousands of hours of work, hundreds of brands and consulting companies and tons of documentation and projects. Such an approach, we found, could only be achieved by opening the gates wide for all those who want to enter, read or learn. The structure and layout of the website went through many successive forms, eventually turning into the current one, simple, an interface, a gate through which we open up. Last but not least, the idea of ​​total access has logically led us to the implementation of the website so that it can be optimally viewed from any software or hardware platform.

So, everyone is welcome in our home, in our virtual spaces that present our tangible realities. Our new website is an open gate and a hand outstretched to everyone.