The IT Industry – The Future of the Employer Brand

Today I inaugurate something that I want to become a series of articles on well-defined topics, entitled Branzas White Papers. Today the article will be about the future of the employer brand in the IT industry.

The purchase decision no longer belongs to you because you are no longer the buyer, you have become the product.” 

Today, employees are the ones who go shopping. If until now employers “went shopping” for the best specialists for the company, things have now changed fundamentally. Prospective employees look at your product-laden shelves, compare prices and features, and finally make their choice. And their purchase decision no longer depends on paintball and archery team buildings, company mammoth parties, fruit baskets found in all offices, flexible hours or salaries. As I said, they have become the norm in the industry

For many, a 100 or 300euro salary difference is no longer something they care about. You must add something completely innovative to your offer. Motivations have changed and this is largely due to you. You have all spiralled towards the benefits offered to you to the point where they have become the norm. Therefore, the paradigm of the employer brand is completely changed nowadays. You already notice the ascending spiral of salary growth, you are already in a crisis because of lack of specialists, although the market offers you extraordinary projects and opportunities, labour fairs are already just events to be checked on a list, and staff turnover tends to reach significant percentages. Some of you condone this state of affairs by saying that “this is the game; I can’t do anything about it”. It is a counterproductive attitude that perpetuates this state of affairs and that can lead to stagnation at best.”