Via Maria Theresia Marathon Films – A Special Event in Bucharest


On Monday, the 15th of June, Tășuleasa Social presents Via Maria Theresia: Rediscovery and Competition, two short films directed by Andrei Dăscălescu, which will be broadcasted at 19.00 at Cinema Studio.

On the 15th of June, the Tășuleasa Social Association together with Raiffeisen Bank Romania are organising a special event where people can watch two short films about the Via Maria Theresia route and marathon, entitled Rediscovery and Competition. The event will take place at 19.00 in Bucharest at Cinema Studio. The short films, which were shot deep in the Călimani Mountains, with their amazing natural and wild scenery, are the work of Andrei Dăscălescu; some of the special guests participating will be Alin Ușeriu, President of the Association, and Steven Van Groeningen, President of Raiffeisen Bank Romania.

Starting last year, on the 8th of August, the Tășuleasa Social Association together with Raiffeisen Bank Romania started organising the Via Maria Theresia Marathon, intended for both sports and nature lovers. The marathon, which is at its second edition this year, takes place on a historical road built during the reign of Empress Maria Theresia, along the old border with the Austro-Hungarian Empire located in the Călimani Mountains. In 2014, the Tășuleasa Social Association rebuilt this road, with the support of Raiffeisen Bank. For eight weeks, 150 volunteers set up 300 bollards and 278 stone lures somewhere deep in the mountains, on a beautiful path that was once a fairly travelled road, at an altitude of 1,700 meters. In total, they needed to clear and mark a total of 42 kilometres. Because of this Tăşuleasa Social moved to the Calimani Mountains, where they worked at discovering the path that history had left behind.

Thus, Tăşuleasa wants to draw the attention of tourists, hikers and athletes towards this corner of the country – resembling an actual place in heaven, exceptionally pristine and naturally beautiful. The Via Maria Theresia project has several objectives. The first and most important one is to raise awareness of the importance of nature, forests and national parks, but also of the practice of outdoor sports. The second objective refers to promoting the road – which is considered a historical monument – therefore contributing to the education of young people. Alternatively, the prime objective of the promo received by the Călimani National Park and the overall development of mountain tourism is the decrease in forest crimes, due to the presence of large numbers of tourists, hikers and athletes in the area. Tășuleasa’s partner in this project, Raiffeisen Bank, also made it possible for 200 children to have the chance to participate in the special programmes coordinated by Tăşuleasa Social in the Pedagogical Forest.

Tășuleasa Social is celebrating 15 years since its foundation this year, being an association, which exclusively handles volunteering projects and dedicates itself to educating young people through love and care for nature. Considering this, all our projects aim at organising practical projects through which we can bring young people together to learn and work hand in hand, to acquire skills and knowledge about nature, about how to protect the environment, about ecology. The main projects run by Tășuleasa Social are: the annual afforestation activities, which are made possible through collaboration with our many volunteers, the children’s camps which are set up on our premises, the Via Maria Therezia Marathon, the Mountain Hiking School, the Christmas Truck.