The most hardworking volunteers in Romania!

In 2010, the NGO Tășuleasa Social had already many years of activity and it had finished many interesting and useful projects for the community. The Tășuleasa Peak is located behind the association’s campus, hence the name. The members and volunteers named it dearly and briefly Tășu, a situation that we complied to when we drew their new visual identity.

In that hand-drawn circle, we represented the whole world in which Tășu unfolds and for which it fights: mountains, waters, forests. The entire activity of the association is dedicated to educating young people in the spirit of environmental protection and sustainability. These young people are happy to respond to every call for volunteering, whether it is afforestation campaigns on tens of hectares, or the organisation of different projects such as the Christmas Truck, the Mountain hiking School, the Via Maria Theresia Marathon, the Children’s Volunteer Day or the most recent and large-scale national project, Via Transilvanica.

Tășuleasa Social and the other projects of the association brought us a lot of joy and involvement, the Branzas team being creatively stimulated by the members’ and volunteers’ energy, by the uniqueness and the scale of the projects that they carried out. Starting with 2011, we carried out the majority of the branding, identity, design and communication projects for Tășuleasa.

Non-profit organisation
Visual identity, applications, signage, communication strategy

Other projects

Via Transilvanica

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The Mountain Hiking School

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