Tășuleasa Needs a Cool and Competent Communicator

Tășuleasa Social (basically known by everyone as Tășu) needs a project-based communicator. For now, anyway, because them and I would like to formalise our “marriage” at some point in the future and work together every day. We want somebody who knows how to work independently but does not have a problem in consulting with other colleagues. So, in short, our communicator should know how to:
– Understand what is the thing that “moves” us all at Tășu and pass this feeling on,
– Design our communication projects and implement them from A to Z: policy, strategy and tactics,
– Be “hands-on”,
– Work with the Board of Directors, with our sponsors and partners, with the media, the journalists and the volunteers here at Tășu,
– Have an unlimited flow of creative ideas, but also be responsible in regards to the calendar and our budget.
You can start your documentation yourself starting with these links:


Since I am the one responsible for the communication aspects in our Management Board at Tășu, I can’t wait to receive your CVs and dialogue requests by email.