Swimathon Cluj 2013 – Really Cool!

Really good numbers: the Tășuleasa Social team, consisting of 14 people, built 244 pools of 50 meters each, managing to raise 30,000 Romanian lei for tree planting. Amazing atmosphere, many, many Tășu supporters travelled great distances by bus to be there.

Organiser: Fundația Comunitară Cluj. Bravo!

My friend, Voicu Bojan, one of the swimmers: “In short, it was just as we dreamed it would be, July 13, 2013 was a perfect day, one that you will look back on in your old days. Top energy, determination, being hopeful that normal people, who yearn to live in a normal country, have the power to change something, a dreamy gallery and, above all, feelings of optimism, freedom and friendship”.

Here is a video of the event (on Facebook). At 2:35, Alin talks a bit about the new forest that will be planted in the fall using the donated funds. Voicu says that “it will be a small step towards a bigger revolution in progress”. I think it’s already happening. I’ll see you in the woods, hopefully with a burrow or pickaxe in your hand!

Deci se poate!

Photo: Ciorchin