Swimathon Cluj 2013 = 2.142 Trees!

The oxygen a human need in a year is produced by seven mature trees. And every year, in Romania, over 10 thousand acres of forest are cut down.

At the Swimathon, the Tășuleasa Social team raised 30,000 Romanian lei from donations. When fall comes, the money will be used for planting trees. From now on the maths is very simple:

30,000 Romanian lei = 15,000 trees = about 4 acres of forest = oxygen for 2142 people for a year. But the results will be seen in about 40 years, when those trees will have grown.

On the other hand, to plant 10,000 acres of forest, the number of trees cut annually in Romania, costs approximately 80,000,000 Romanian lei, which is around 18 million euros.

Aren’t these numbers even a little suspicious to you!?