Spa Tourism. Again???

The “new strategy” for stimulating spa tourism that is foreshadowed at the tourist product level remains the same one that we’ve been mentioning and justifying here, for a long time. But all is old, and all is new, as our poet Mihai Eminescu said, when it comes to “authorised voices” telling us how things work. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of time and money in the meantime, both on unfeasible projects – let’s remember how many “country brand” projects we have gone through in the last 23 years – and on the consequences that come with not implementing simple business strategies, based only on a few unique competitive advantages in Europe’s ultra-competitive tourism landscape. Romania would have already started to withdraw its invested money if it let the specialists do their job and followed their advice. Pricy advice, to be honest.

“I believe that the development of spa tourism, cultural tourism and ecotourism can be a plus for Romania’s national budget”, Maria Grapini, in a recent article here.