Since Băsescu Was Elected Everybody Thinks They Amount to Something Great

Around the time when Mr. Basescu won his first presidential election, I was sitting at a table, drinking rum and talking with two good friends from Bucharest, in Bucharest. The two were advocating hard for Băsescu, saying that “he must win the elections in order to f***k everyone from PSD (Social Democratic Party) who have too much of a political, mediatic and economic monopoly, especially Adrian Năstase”. I neither agreed nor disagreed, I am personally not very interested in politics, people are the thing that interests me.

The only comment I insisted on making about their passionate convictions – by the way, their love for Băsescu disappeared from their hearts 3 months after – was that because of his possible victory in the elections he will open the Pandora’s box and all extortionists, douche bags, all the people who listen to manele, ship captains, those who eat sunflower seeds on a daily basis, opportunists, moguls, escapists, those who wear their polo shirts with the collar turned-up, those who walk around in flip-flops and sweatpants, uneducated people, semi-academicians, non-professionals, PhD students who only got there because of their connections and because of copy-pasted essays, guys with flashy rings and long nails on their pinkies, smugglers, petty criminals, “boys” who think of themselves as being neighbourhood gangsters, scoundrels, swindlers, whores of all kinds, plus all those who can’t seem to pass the Baccalaureate and those who only finish college because they’re well-connected, they will all believe that if someone like them managed to become President then they, too, certainly amount to something great and will be able to do what they want from now on, just like their representative, Mr. President. We all know what resulted and we can partly see it today at the National Anticorruption Directorate, on the streets and in our everyday lives, in business, cultural or educational environments. Unfortunately, I was right then; and I’m not at all happy of having been right, I would have preferred being wrong and treating both of my friends with some rum after losing the bet.

A sociologist could definitely explain better than me what this phenomenon is all about (probably even with some examples given): propagating non-values and putting people who do not deserve it in the spotlight. For me it’s quite simple: you know what they say, a fish rots from the head down.
Nota bene. I am not going to apologize to any political figure or party. I simply write about my life; I write from my personal experience and I wanted to emphasize what I consider to have been the height of misery in our public and political space – at least so far.