The cute, little, orange devil

Rontzy was a brand concept for children and young people. From the very beginning, we sought to draw a nice and direct character who would illustrate the joy of tasting and nibbling on something good and salty, with poppy seeds or with sesame. Or… the range of assortments was relatively extensive. We had to think about a preliminary strategy in order to determine the right colour coding and illustrations so that each devil would tell its own story.

The cute, little, orange devil was for a long time a cool symbol that was adopted right away by all the young people and children, including it in their day-to-day language. They even invented a sign: two fingers placed in front of their mouth that would represent a simple question: do you have a Rontzy !?

Other brand identity projects for products that were designed for young people are N’Ice Tea or Oups!.

Name, illustration, packaging

Other projects

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