Romania, after

After this pandemic madness and the mask’s hysteria, the political and administrative stuttering, something should happen. Something that can only come from the administration, government, and town halls. A paradigm shift because we are very close to midnight.

Digitalization of administrative services and the relationship with the citizen. Dismissal of 25% of the administrative staff. I know it’s not suitable for elections, but it’s good for all of us.

Rebalancing the revenues and pensions in the budgetary system. Today, most of those who are employed in private companies earn lower salaries. Yet, paradoxically, they are the ones who support the economy, the wages, the pensions of the ones in the budgetary system. Plus, state loans.

Unlocking funds and their orientation towards infrastructure: highways, railways, subways, roads, electrification, extensions of water, sewerage and gas networks, internet access, etc.

A coherent program to support and revitalize domestic services and products, for domestic consumption and export, from commodities to the wine industry and industrial production. We can include here an export ban – let’s say for ten years – of strategic resources: wood, minerals, precious metals.

Significant investments in spa tourism and mineral waters, perhaps even through public-private partnerships. We have everything we need in this field; we just need to raise the standard of resorts and hotels and the degree of exploitation of mineral waters to attract foreign tourists and export.

Marketing. Branding. Communication. Public relations. A coherent project to reposition Romania in the EU, mainly, to communicate only facts. No fake pictures, festive articles, and stories that only children would believe. It’s not like anyone thinks of them anymore. Instead, repositioning by concrete facts and their adequate, coherent, continuous communication.

I could bet that in five years we will do very well, we will travel by train from Oradea to Bucharest in a few hours, tourism will relaunch, it will be working for everyone; some Romanians from the diaspora will return to work here because they will have hope for themselves and their children.

With one condition. Those “from the top” should think and act strategically, not politically. I am an idealist, what do you think about that? Do you like me?

The alternative is to spend the 30 billion Euro aid from the EU in vain, as usual. And that’s it.