Put your best foot forward

I have a problem with indecision, stuttering, avoiding responsibility, and making political decisions. Those decisions that try to hold with the hare and hunt with the hounds try to reconcile with the young electorate, the judges, the elephants in the room, the cleaning staff, and those who secretly smoke. There are no such solutions, but some politicians, administrators, project managers, business people, and others are stubborn enough to keep adopting them.

After over 25 years of collaboration with the entire private, corporate, state, and political spectrum, we have found that only a few people make accurate decisions, with the potential to bring change for the better, but often eminently painful. I can’t estimate a percentage, but it’s pretty tiny for sure. Otherwise, it is business as usual. It seems strange to me to persist in the gray area, but wiser people than me say that, statistically, this is human.

Coincidentally or not, as I was writing this article, I’ve just received an email that confirmed once again that people who have never met face-to-face but who share common values ​​could address the issues that concern them most directly and honestly possible. This leads to decisions and responsibilities that are real and assumed. It’s the kind of customers, suppliers, and partners with whom I always got along exceptionally and who were, without exception, those who have been working with us @Branzas for extended periods (some for over 15-20 years). In these uncertain and turbulent times, you only need direct and solution-oriented people to benefit both parties. Coincidentally or not, a dear and very appreciated friend and partner visited me at home today. I offered him a glass of wine, and we talked as usual, directly and real.

I know some will say that good is relative, that you better beware of difficult situations with lawyers, and that anything can be bought with money.