Patent pending product for pets

Purrista is a product, and we hope it will become a brand for animal lovers who care for them every day and enjoy their company. Fine sawdust pellets for pet bedding, invented by a handful of hearty and ingenious people, contain a compound called zeolite that allows excellent absorption of liquids and smells, thus ensuring the perfect hygiene of our speechless companions.

Studying the market for small and medium pet products revealed the need for this type of absorbent, hygienic product that does not allow unpleasant odours to disperse. This is how Purrista was born, unique on the market due to its intrinsic characteristics.

The Branzas team has been with the manufacturer since the first phases of the product’s conception and testing, studying in parallel all the options in the market to subsequently design a relevant brand strategy, a name with resonance and packaging with a modern visual identity and as simple as possible, to be easily perceived on the shelf and adopted.

From now on, pet lovers have one less problem to deal with, and cats, hamsters, parrots, rabbits or guinea pigs will have a better life!

Pets hygiene, eco-friendly product
Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging

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