Priorities. Do we really know them?

When Notre Dame burned a lot of money from donations poured in from the most potent and not so potent people on this planet. Eur 650,000,000 if I got the exact figure. To be extremely precise, ALL this money was donated for a fictional mind construction dating some 2000 years ago. But, as anyone can acknowledge, it was good PR.

I am terribly curious if the same people or companies which donated for Notre Dame will donate EXACTLY the same amount for something that is real, our planet, the people from Australia. A good part of a whole continent, Australia, is burning, millions of animals and species go extinct, millions of hectares are burned down to ashes, houses and families are affected, firefighters and soldiers are fighting with the fire. I am not saying that is due to our fantastic and unmanageable greed and the environment goes beserk. No, I am not saying that because I don’t have the EXACT proof. I am just saying, DONATE the EXACTLY same amount for this planet, the species and the people as you did for a small and insignificant stone construction where people bow their heads for a fiction.

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