Pre-packaged branding dot com

Well, that’s a long-short story. After a few meetings with startup owners, shakers and movers and receiving (almost) the same question I decided to say boldly, loudly and publicly: NO.

What was the question? “Do you have a standard branding package for startups?” I.e. logo+basic stationery+presentation deck+website. Or most of that, give or take. My answer was of course, NO, as I said before. There’s no recipe for startups and there is no recipe for established brands or companies either. Specificity and uniqueness is key. Among others of course.

Branding is a specialized and customized professional service involving consultants, strategists and designers as well as implementation specialists who deliver solutions adapted to each business, specific market, positioning, values, attributes, company culture, and so on. And we at Branzas are Consultants and Designers dedicated to your SPECIFIC situation slash brand slash business. And we have been doing this since ’94.

One last thing, maybe helpful for start-upers. Invest in your uniqueness from the very beginning. A fantastic business idea will probably fail (history has proved that) if it is not positioned, branded, designed, marketed and slash or communicated properly.