The first Romanian restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef. In Cluj-Napoca.

The newest star in the HoReCa space in Cluj, Pastel Restaurant – a premiere in Romania, benefits from the culinary talent of the only Romanian chef certified with a Michelin star, Bogdan Dănilă. Bogdan and the restaurant management entrusted us with the creation of the visual identity of the new fine dining restaurant opened inside the Meridian Hotel, another project made by us not long ago.

Our conceptual and visual exploration initially focused on several directions, developed especially in the floral space, pastel colors and modern and airy lettering. The proposed versions treated with discretion and delicacy the idea of “pastel” trying to propose a visual identity as simple as possible, minimalist, elegant, which can rise to the level of special culinary talent made available to refined connoisseurs.

We started drawing sketches inspired by the flower shape of the Michelin star, from where the first ideas emerged. To render the artistic-culinary, relaxed and hospitable character of the restaurant, we opted for friendly symbols along with a handmade handwriting or classic fonts.

After viewing the first proposals, our client selected two options: the first, a mix between the symbol and the font of two of the logos, and the second, a minimalist, elegant and sober version.

In order to validate one of the two versions, we made a new presentation with some application ideas of the two chosen variants, after which the final version was selected.

The final visual identity. Bon appétit!

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