A word with multiple meanings

Oups! It can mean whatever you want! It’s eye-catching right away, it intrigues you, it makes you want to see what all the fuss it’s about. In the end, you end up tasting flavoured pufuleti and popcorn. Oops! – taken from the day-to-day language of children and young people which can mean a lot of things. That is why we chose it, for its cheerful and playful ambiguity.

For the drawing of the logo we documented ”on-site” and we were inspired by a series of graffiti that we found on the walls of schools and in its proximity. We wanted to get as close as possible to the verbal and visual language of young people. The result was ”Oops!, I want more!”.

Other brand identity projects for products that were designed for young people are  Rontzy or N’Ice Tea.

Name, illustration, packaging

Other projects


Rontzy was a brand concept for children and young people. From the very beginning, we sought to draw a nice and direct character [..]

N’Ice Tea

Although it's been a while since we have created this project, the concept is still alive and just as refreshing! The packaging series for N’Ice Tea [..]