Others Also Need Special Laws

Since it is very trendy, because of “special” interest, to pass special laws that would only benefit a single company, I propose that, with the help of a law that should be enforced by the parliament immediately, without any special commissions, and written by several branding specialists, all SMEs should benefit of a non-reimbursable state aid of up to 200,000 euros per year, for the next 10 years, only for branding and design activities. We already keep complaining that Romanian businesses are not promoted enough. In this way we kill two birds with one stone: first, we help SMEs develop their brands in the medium-term and in the long-term, build their reputation, notoriety, sell more, access the national and international market and, second, the small tag of consultant brands in Romania, which means about five companies, will monopolise the branding segment. A monopoly that will mean securing businesses for the next 10 years, thus allowing everyone to take a long breath, long enough to consolidate themselves and get rich with the financial help of the state.

Of course, in this way we will take consultants and designers out of the underground and we will soon be able to compete with the creative industry in London, for example. Moreover, SMEs will see an unprecedented boom, and the number of jobs will increase. Why wouldn’t you let people work, be them from Timișoara or Constanța!?