Modern, hospitable, organic

Aparthotel Nox is the newest hotel facility in Cluj-Napoca opened in 2022. The owner of the investment focused on modern construction, in tune with the forms and visual language of the 21st century but with many insertions of organic, natural elements. Our task was to draw the visual identity of the hotel that would represent as well as possible the essence of the brand desired by the owner: modern, welcoming, and lively, but at the same time having a classic and organic touch.

The versions drawn by our team of designers were multiple, each trying to represent as much as possible of the desired essence of a potential future representative brand of Cluj.
In the end, a version very close to the classical and organic direction was selected, which declined in all the necessary forms of manifestation, from the exterior and interior architecture to presentation and communication materials.
It was and always is a pleasure to drink an excellent coffee at Nox, in an enjoyable, discreet, and vibrant environment.

Visual identity, stationary, website design, identity standards

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