Caring for the environment

Moloz (rubble in English) is a new and innovative idea in the entrepreneurial landscape in Romania. Moloz aims to take over and recycle waste from construction sites, especially concrete. Their concept seemed generous, being the first to propose doing a business out of relieving construction sites of the waste problem that inherently results from construction.

Our project included the name and visual identity proposals. The name resulted from our team’s strategy sessions with the client. For the visual identity, we chose the dominant color red to draw attention to the machines that will transport and process the waste.
The Moloz logo and visual identity system designed by our design team had in mind an approach as simple and practical as possible, highly visible, and easy to read and remember.
The Moloz project is another one of the long series of projects through which we got involved and supported with our skills Romanian entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. The machines and people from Moloz are already doing a good job cleaning up construction sites and providing a valuable service to society.

Recycling construsction waste
Brand strategy, visual identity, applications, website design

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