A joyful and savoury presence

Food court visitors have long been accustomed to the presence of Lunchbox – a quick service created according to a personal recipe for those who wish to serve a pre-cooked lunch or dinner that is tasty. Lunchbox dishes are completely different from the usual ones (which come from other competitors), as the brand insists on a combination of home-cooked and international food recipes, using fresh and natural ingredients.

The Lunchbox identity is unitary and it is composed of a variety of elements, some of them hand-drawn – a unique combination of various shapes under an orange and fresh-green umbrella. The whole range of colours from the natural ingredients used by Lunchbox is present in the company’s communication materials, created based on a communication strategy that focuses on good food, natural ingredients, quick serving and putting a smile on your face.

We drew everything for Lunchbox, from every letter to the design rules for the environment in which it operates. We didn’t forget about the employees’ uniforms or badges either!

Public catering
Visual identity, applications, interior design, communication materials, identity standards

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