Lucky Cluj

Cluj is a really lucky city. Or it probably just got there by itself. Both of these ideas are good and both can be discussed and argued. Here’s why:

– it has an impressive number of students and well-ranked universities – a lot of brains per square meter and a lot of money spent in the city;

– some specialised hospitals in Cluj are extremely sought after by people from all over the country – medicine is well regarded and appreciated;

– it has a brand new stadium – potential for sports development and events;

– the centre of creative industries (I think it was called) will be developed in an area of a few acres – or at least we hope so – film, animation, design, etc., individuals from all domains will be able to find their place and a suitable working environment;

– a new multipurpose hall will be built – potential for sports development and events;

– a new Philharmonic will be built (I hope the plan is still standing) – development and support of culture;

– it is a candidate for the status of a cultural capital city – development and support of culture;

– in the last 12 years it has given the country a lot of ministers, a prime minister and many other officials in the state apparatus – strong lobbying potential;

– it borders 3 industrial parks – potential for economic growth and employed labour force;

– it is the undeclared capital of Transylvania – cultural, financial and educational (universities);

– it has a disciplined and (as others sometimes say) civilised population;

– the degree of tax collection is very good;

– with the much-discussed regionalisation and delegation of responsibilities and budgets from the central to the local level – if this will be the case – the city (and the region) will become even stronger.

In a few main points, this is how Cluj looks at the macro level. The city – if I may say so myself – reeks of potential. It could fight even with Bucharest in some segments. And yet something is missing, despite the super luck that has crossed our path. I personally have not (yet) found an explanation. Whoever has – if they have – could make use of it and change something. Quickly. And strategically, with long-term beneficial effects.