Live your potential.
Recently, I had the pleasure (really, I don’t throw words in the wind) to tell the middle and upper management #altran (thanks @dankoblicska for the invitation) about branding, communication, and marketing, with applicability in the #personalbranding, #employerbranding, #leadership areas. It was not a course in itself but rather an introduction to the field and an explanation of the basic notions and definitions, followed by a long series of Q&A and discussions in small groups.

The main focus of my stories, arguments, and case studies was the plea for authenticity and genuinely living each personal potential. In this context, the prospect of Romania’s country brand, still not strategically exploited, was very intensely discussed. The main conclusion of the day was that the authenticity of a brand or personal can only be acquired by assuming the responsibility for decisions based on the set of own values.

It was great because I found attentive and interested people. But, I confess, I want more such experiences and audiences. It makes me feel worthwhile!

In the picture, a CapGemini chardonnay received as a gift. It was warmly welcomed!