Lilu lilu, the crocodile*
*In Romanian the crocodile is translated as crocodilul. This where the abbreviation lilu comes from (crocodilu).

At first, we joked, then it was as if the whole team had a moment of enlightenment. From somewhere the trill rose and then it appeared simply – Lilu. Coincidentally, Lilla, senior designer in this project, is also dearly called Lilu by us. So we don’t even know anymore from where Lilu’s name comes from!

Then we got to work. We started with the sketches, after which we chose the most promising ideas, and at the end, we sent our proposals to the client who chose the least cloudy version (with only three clouds). cool

Lilu thus turned into a complete range of fine paper towel products and the image with the packet of napkins coming out of the purse…Ohhh, but we were already going to reveal too much!

We offered Lilu all the analysis, strategy and design services (in a serious way, even though we had a great time and a lot of fun with our client drawing trills among the clouds).

Hygiene products
Brand concept, packaging, identity standards

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