I don’t know if I am just unlucky or the surrounding world is just like it is, everywhere you turn your head.

What I see is tons of so-called leaders. Toxic ones, for their organizations, employees, partners and suppliers. When I meet one which is brainy, normally speaking, humble, empathic, un-arrogant, caring about good relationships within their organizations and with the outside world I feel like I’m God-blessed because this is so rare. The norm is: be brutal, arrogant, “cool”, superficial, cunning, follow only your personal agenda. Do not pay well and in time. Argue all the time. Don’t trust anybody. Buy the fanciest car and clothes. Always be on top, no matter what or how wrong you are. Lick every hairy frog’s a..s if necessary. Contempt everybody. Cheat. Lie. Always change your opinion and actions when the wind changes direction. Life is short, let’s grab all we can eat. Hard work, straightforwardness, ingenuity, brains and education are for the suckers.

The paradox is that this type of leaders proliferates, the media worships them and they almost never fall from their positions. The very few examples of fallen angels do not suffice to demonstrate the contrary. Maybe this is all you need for leadership. An unsatisfied hunger, the permanent need to feed your ego. Like sharks.

I get to the (my) conclusion. They do not care about anything and nobody. And they can do that because they don’t have education, culture and principles. You get these 3 “things” mostly from your family, partially from school and some of them by reading. But most of all you get them if you have a soul.