100% fresh and natural tarts

The small start-up, the tart lab, needed a proper visual identity and a minimal set of packaging for its products. La Tarterie is a small family business, well-known in Cluj-Napoca and appreciated for the originality of its recipes, its natural ingredients and the freshness of the products that come out of the small manufacturing laboratory every day. This was the strategy from the very beginning, from which they did not deviate, their products becoming synonymous with guaranteed naturalness and freshness.

The visual identity, built with legible handwriting, uses orange and a shade of yellow close to ocher – a fresh combination that supports the product strategy. The packaging is simple, white, matte, suggesting once again the purity of the products and bears a quality banner with the La Tarterie logo.

Should we mention that we enjoy sweet and savoury tarts made by our friends from time to time?

Visual identity, packaging

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