Superlative wine from Turda

Even if this extensive project was not implemented, it must be mentioned as it was one of the most demanding ones from a strategic and creative point of view. A group of friends decided to invest in their passion – the wine, and thus was born one of the most important vineyards in Transylvania, located near Turda near a popular touristic point, the Turda Salt Mine (in Romanian, Salina Turda). Hence one of the names found for the new brand of wine that was to be bottled for the first time, La Salina. Other names we thought of were: Salinae, Vila Rustica or Potaissa, all inspired by the rich Latin past of this area. A special approach was the name Thorenburg, another old name for the city of Turda (of German origin). The strategy for creating the name of the new wine was clear, we were inspired by the proven history of this region.

Our favourite version – and suggested for customer implementation – was the one with the name of La Salina hand-drawn in fine gem salt, photographed on a unitary black background, a minimalist but extremely suggestive version, both for the character of the new wine and for the special location from which it comes from.

The proposed design versions (only a few of which are presented here) were mainly aimed at highlighting the local history of these places. However, we did not hesitate to explore some modern visual spaces, some even abstract, to suggest a new wine-brand positioning, a young and vigorous one.

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