Tasty and different

As you can observe, we explored a lot of extremely diverse creative routes in order to find that ”quelque chose” that would define and individualize a range of snacks and chips in an extremely crowded and competitive market. Our client was very receptive to the ideas that we explored. The final version resulted after many weeks of searches and drawn versions.

Krokantzy is a product whose name and packaging say everything, directly, without hidden messages or visual and linguistic volutes. Krokantzy is a product that is different. It is cheerful for happy people. The snacks are made out of corn, being in fact a variety of tortilla chips, much healthier and more natural than the products of the vast majority of competitors.

The creative and explorative part, the sketches, the presentations and the photo sessions were very entertaining for everyone involved: the designers, the clients and also the models who lent us their expressions immortalized on the packaging.

Brand concept, packaging, identity standards

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