I’m Honoured.

In the first part of this year, two events happened to me that have honoured and obliged me. In chronological order:
Alin Uhlmann Ușeriu, the President of  Tășuleasa Social, a good friend of mine and someone who loves nature, one of the pioneers in volunteering and environmental education in Romania, invited me to be part of the Board of Advisors, together with Marcel Iureș, Don Lothrop, Mircea Miclea and Cătălina Anton Duhanes. More about it on the Tașu Facebook page.

Emil Gota, Executive Director of Elis Pavaje, first of all – a good old friend and, only second – a client of ours, invited me to be part of EDA’s – Elis Approval Development – Board of Directors, together with the department directors in sales, marketing, technical, finance, logistics, production.

I thank them for trusting me. I have the support of the whole Branzas team, a team that contributes to the strategy of Tășu and Elis, to their activities and to the making of important decisions.